How it all comes together

The first time many people need to hire an entertainment professional is when they’re planning that perfect wedding reception. Too often, it’s during that once-in-a-lifetime gathering of friends and family that they discover they should have been more particular about selecting the right Disc Jockey.
The key to a successful event is in the planning.
Together we will create your perfect reception — one with the right atmosphere, tempo and personality. One that will create an unforgettable ambiance.

The Process

Initial Consultation

It’s during your initial consultation that, I’ll take the time to get to know both of you, and gain an understanding of your needs and expectations. I’ll answer any questions you might have regarding the planning and executing of that special day. I will ask some questions and present some of my own creative ideas — ideas based from experience — to help make your night perfect. I’ll also give you a better understanding of the entertainment value for your event, — the many positive ways it will affect you and your guests, — and how, together, we will ensure a fun and unforgettable event.

To ensure that perfection, we typically have at least two meetings (phone & in person) where we will plan how the magic will unfold — from the time your guests arrive to the last dance. You two are the stars of the evening; you’re the reason people look forward to dressing up and joining you in what could be the biggest celebration of your life together. Indeed, they come to share your love, joy and happiness. I am determined to provide you with the best entertainment possible, period. I will draw on more than two decades and countless of high-end events in which I have provided the kind of entertainment people associate with the perfect reception. I have the experience and the talent your reception deserves.

Preparing for your event

As your entertainment maestro, I understand the entertainment makes up 80 percent of the success of your reception. That is why I will work with you on a personal level to ensure that your unique and creative ideas come together to create an unforgettable occasion. To make sure that everything is ready to go, I’ll set up a final meeting where we will walk through the event — from the moment your guests arrive to the last song — to make certain that I am in tune with all your ideas and wishes. This essential session guarantees that I understand — as clear as your wedding crystal — exactly the way the entertainment will unfold. This last meeting normally takes place two to three weeks before your reception.

Your peace of mind

On that Magical Day it’s your day to enjoy and relax — knowing that everything is customized to turn your dreams into a reality you’ll cherish forever. Long before you arrive I will already have set up and tested the equipment, and I will have consulted with the other wedding professionals on site, such as your caterer, the wedding coordinator, the photographer, the videographer and anyone else who is involved with your wedding reception. This allows you the freedom to relax and cherish your family and friends on your big day rather than worrying about the details.

Overall, the memories of your wedding day will, indeed last a lifetime. I am the professional who will go the distance to satisfy you, and turn your dreams into reality. I promise that I will deliver to you my best performance. This is my personal goal every time I perform.

Let the magic begin!