Music Selection

As an Armenian DJ in Los Angeles, my collection consists of an eclectic mix from all over the world. The music played at every event is slightly different because the crowd is always different. However, every DJ has their style and I have mine. My style is to play the songs that are guaranteed to get your crowd up and keep them dancing. Then throw in some unique hits from around the world to keep the things interesting. Listen to live mixes to get a taste.

Listen to the difference

The best way to feel the differences between the songs below is to have some fun and start dancing while listening. Imagine yourself at an event hearing these songs nice and loud. Both are fast and fun, but as you will see, the remixed version has a lot more energy and gets straight to the fun parts of the song.

Original Track by TATA

The original version is very good, however it does take some time to get to the fun part of the song (about a minute). Also, the beat can sometimes be a bit difficult to move to.

Same track by TATA, remixed by DJ Sevag

The remixed version has two added benefits.

  1. An extra beat is added to it to provide an easier beat to move to and to raise the energy level.
  2. The original song takes about a full minute to get to the good part. The remixed version takes much less time. Less than 5 seconds!

International  Armenian | Arabic | Persian | Greek | Spanish and more

Top 40 and Dance


The top 40 and dance that I play is always upbeat, fun and positive. No cursing, no negative language, no gangster rap.

Disco | 80′s | Dance | House | Electro | Hip Hop | Pop

Artists like Lady Gaga, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Bob Sinclair, David Guetta, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Little and more.



Though songs sounds great in their original version, I like to make things more interesting by playing remixes. There are two types of remixes that I play, standard remixes and live remixes.

  • Standard Remix. These songs are remixes of popular songs made by record companies and other big DJs. This is done mainly for Top 40 and popular dance hits. Dancers definitely like to jam to these remixes.
  • Live Remix. This is where things get a bit more interesting. While the song is playing I add extra beats and sounds in the background for that extra “umph”. For example, imagine you are dancing to a popular Arabic song and all of a sudden you hear great sounding dirbeke (arabic drum beats) in the background, followed up with a slight house beat. Or if the music you are moving to is Armenian and at the right times you hear extra dhol (Armenian drum beats) kick in along with other sound effects. Live remixing allows me to adjust the amount of extra beats I play based on the crowd’s reaction. If they like it they get more, otherwise I tone it down a notch. It allows greater flexibility in adjusting to the crowd’s taste.