1. Things in Purse with Musical Chairs: Have one person from every table come on the dance floor. Put chairs on the dance floor, but one less than the number of players. If 10 people are playing put 9 chairs. The MC will read an item from a list and every player must run to their table to pick up that item. She then has to run back and sit down. All this while the DJ plays fun and upbeat music. The last person sitting wins a prize.
  2. Never say Groom’s Name: (Materials- any type of baby object you can place on a string for each woman to wear as necklace). Have each woman place the necklace around her neck when she gets to the party. The rules for this bridal shower game are given out at the beginning of the bridal shower that whenever someone says the groom’s name during the shower, any woman who calls it out gets a pin from the other woman who stated the word. At the end of the bridal shower, the woman with the most pins wins a prize.
  3. First Reservation: The first one who called and reserved their spot wins a prize.
  4. Advice for the Newlyweds: Pass around a small sheet of paper and pen/pencil and have each person provide one advice for the engaged couple. The bride-to-be will choose the best answer.
  5. What the bride wore: The Bride-to-be is the center of attention today…but how well were your guests paying attention to her? Find out when the Bride leaves the room and you surprise your guests with a pop quiz! The person who answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.
  6. Questionnaire about the couple: Pass around a sheet of paper and a pencil/pen and the MC asks questions. For example: Where did the couple meet? What is our bride’s favorite thing to eat? What is our groom;s favorite sports team? etc. The person with the highest number of correct answers wins a prize.
  7. Dress the bride (toilet paper bride): You will need 3 or more pairs of women and toilet paper. Each pair has to come up with the most creative wedding dress in the time allotted using only toilet paper. One is the model and the other is the designer. The DJ makes things exciting by putting fun, upbeat songs during the designing process. After time expires, each model walks down the runway sporting their new look. The winner is either picked by the bride-to-be or determined based on how loud the crowd screams in support of the model. Both the designer and model get a prize.
  8. How well does she know him? The Bride’s game sheet has questions about the Groom and you will need to find out the answers before the shower. To play, ask the Bride the questions, one at a time. For a silly twist, for each wrong answer, giver her a small sticker to put on her face or something similarly funny.
  9. Something Dirty but VERY funny: If you’re looking for something edgy, then this game might be the one. You need a blindfold, some cloth and a man. Lay a cloth on the ground approximately 2′ wide and 4′ long and ask only older woman with skirts to play. Tell the older women to win they have to make it from side of the cloth to the other, blind folded, without touching the cloth with their feet.This is where the edgy part comes to play. As the woman attempts to make it to the other side she has to have her legs wide open since she can’t touch the cloth with her feet. Right after she makes it to the other side, the man that is participating lays on top of the cloth with his back to the floor looking up. You then take the blindfold off and have her look at what she apparently walked across. You wouldn’t believe the hysteria that follows.*Make sure someone is on each side of the woman walking in case she slips.