Date of Event: 12/3/10
Day of Event (did it matter?): The date was a Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were taken and we were very imited on choices.  Since it was a workday, most of our guests arrived late to the ceremony, including the wedding officiant.  But it worked out in our case because the ceremony was at Taglyan instead of a church, so we had cocktails set up for before and after the ceremony.  Alen the violinist entertained everyone with beautiful music while guests sipped on Persian tea and indulged in an array of sweet treats.  This also gave people the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other.  I would recommend a Friday or Sunday wedding if you are on a budget.  Even though Friday/Sunday weddings have a few obvious cons,  the savings might be worth the while since most places offer reduced prices and often lower the max capacity requirement.
Photographer/Videographer: Duke Photography and Walter Pawulk teamed up to capture the spirit of the day…and did they!  Duke and Walter are truly exceptional at what they do.
Entertainenmt: DJ Sevag and his percussionist rocked the night away and kept our eclectic group of guests dancing all night long.
Flowers: Jackie Combs of Jackie Combs Floral Design did an amazing job and brought my vision to life.
Cake: Vanilla Cake Shop makes the most delicious and stunning cakes.  I just wish our coordinator had remembered to put the sparklers to top the cake before we cut it.
Ceremony: Taglyan Complex. We decided to have the ceremony was at Taglyan’s beautiful foyer because we were going to have two ceremonies honoring each of our religious backgrounds and heritage. This way our guests would not have to be relocated from one place to another.  It took a lot of imagination to arrange everything inside the foyer so that it was esthetically pleasing and functional, but it worked out well and looked stunning in photos.
Reception: Taglyan Complex.  Great food and the staff was a delight to work with.
Number of guests: We had invited a little over 200 guests, but there were a lot of no shows.  Since most of our guests were out-of-towners we should have been more realistic with the actual guest count and choice of venue.  Despite our efforts to make the place look full, it did look a little empty at times.
Did you take photos before or after the ceremony: We did the shoot before the ceremony and reception.  We were fresh, excited and had so much fun with Duke and Walter, we were sad to leave the shoot to go to the ceremony.
Overall any advice you can give: Don’t stress the small or big stuff.  Things may go wrong.  Just have someone else take care of it and enjoy the day.  Having an experienced day-of coordinator helps take the edge off.   The emphasis is on experienced.