Day of Event: (did it matter?): The date of the wedding had no impact on the outcome of the wedding..

Photographer/Videographer: Yourik Studios. Our photos and video came out great! They were professional, efficient, and timely.
Entertainment: No band. We just had one fantastic DJ!
Flowers: Mimi Tools (Designs by Martha). She went above and beyond to please and made our wedding beautiful, simple, classy and elegant.
Cake: Planet Cookies (Vera) The cake tasted fantastic! The cake was delivered on time and was decorated beautifully with fresh flowers, Swarovski crystals, and ribbon.  They were extremely easy to work with since Martha and Vera are sisters they coordinated the details with each other.
Ceremony: St. Peter’s Armenian Apostolic Church, Van Nuys. Though we were 15 minutes early (as recommended by the church coordinator), the priest was about 30 minutes late which caused us to run behind schedule and rush taking photos afterward.  Also, we did not have a rehearsal (It had been scheduled but was canceled by the coordinator the day before) which didn’t significantly impact the service since we did not have bridesmaids/ushers and there was a coordinator to guide us through the process. It was pretty simple. The priest spoke both English and Armenian. He was extremely personable and friendly.
Reception: De Luxe Banquet Hall. The food tasted good according to the guests (the wedding party doesn’t get much time to eat). The service was okay. Management was nice. However, they did not provide the florist with the allotted amount of time necessary to set up since they had booked an event prior to our wedding. Per the contract, we would get 3 hours prior to our event to set up. In reality, our florist only had about an hour and a half. Additionally, there is real pressure to have full tables of 12 people. Absentee guests will cause the table numbers to go down (yes, people who rsvp-ed as attending will not show up) at the last second. During the reception, management pressured us into adding the photographer/videographer/dj to a guest table (instead of the previously designated table that was intended for them) to make it easier on their servers which caused our guests to be uncomfortable and upset. I’m sure it was uncomfortable for the photographer/videographer/dj too.
Number of guests: We had expected about 210 guests. Our actual numbers were closer to 185-190 guests. There were a couple of last minute no-shows and emergencies.
Did you take photos before or after the wedding: We took photos for about and hour after our ceremony and prior to our reception at the Tarzana Community Cultural Center.  It was a beautiful garden with a pond, gazebo, a blooming flowers since it was spring (not sure how it will look in summer, fall, & winter).
Overall any advice you can give: Things will go wrong the day of and there is nothing that can be done about things that you don’t have control over. The important thing is not to stress about it. Enjoy the moment because it really does go by quickly.