Day of the Event: July 9, 2010 (Best day of our lives) We really partied like there was no tomorrow.

Photographer/videographer: Royal Gor. Haven’t seen my video yet, but I have to say my photos were were well worth what we paid.

Florist: Our florist was Mary’s Flowers. She did an amazing job for what she charged. Loved working with her. She was very honest, generous and she worked with passion and not for the money.

Entertainment: Music is sooo important. It is what sets the mood to your big day. Think long and hard for this decision. We had Harout Pamboukjian and DJ Sevag and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They partied and rocked our day. Special thanks to them for their hard work and for partying like it was their own siblings wedding.

Limousine Service: Platinum Limo. Nice!!! We had a very flashy limo (hummer stretch) and I have to admit, I am so glad we chose that. It was nice and roomy and accommodated a bride with a big dress, a groom, best man and maid of honor, 4 brides maids, and 4 ushers. We had amazing speakers that felt like a live dj, lighting system and of course a red carpet. We just had to feel like a celebrity that day and WE did!

Cake: Cake Studio designed our cake. It was ummmmm…..okay! We paid a lot of money, cake was 80% fake only a portion was cake just for photos, and flavor was good but not great. Not everything is perfect right. Who cares!

Ceremony: St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church. A fairly old church, yet beautiful. Loved it. Can’t complain about my church. There are no good or bad to churches. They all have their own essence and beauty. It was Holy, beautiful and classic which were aspects we looked for when selecting the right place to get married.

Reception: Wow! We have to say, we really went shopping for banquet halls. There are a lot of beautiful ones but no customer service. We were looking for something a little bit more simpler without all those statues. Palladio Banquet Hall won! It is absolutely breath taking, and top rated for us. Awesome customer service, food was great and had plenty on the table, and accommodated all our needs every second throughout the night. Definitely RECOMMENDED.

Number of Guests: We had always dreamed of a BIG wedding and we got it. We had close to 400 guests. The bigger the better! That day is all about you two and you can never go back in time. You have to go all out.

Did you take photos before or after the wedding? We had an extensive photo session before our ceremony. Very tiring. We felt drunk after this session. Our entire body was soar, but well worth it. Only thing that’s left after your special day are your photos and video. Wouldn’t change anything.

Overall any advice you can give: Marriage is a beautiful thing when its with the right person. Live, Laugh and Love! Its all for your well being and its all in your hands. Enjoy every moment because life is short. Marriage is all about compromise. You might hear that first year is difficult. Yes, it is absolutely true because your adjusting to a new person and their habits, characteristics and behavior, but when you love someone, you learn to compromise. Its fun. You need to make marriage exciting and spontaneous. It is quite an adventure, and people who complain about their marriage, most likely got married for all the wrong reasons.  Ouchhh!